6 Best Villains In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ranked

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the best bad guys come in all shapes and sizes.

Villains have never been in short supply in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Set in a time when the Galactic Republic was so naive that it thought a peace treaty with the Sith Empire would actually work, the popular game and the books and comics that came after it give fans a look at how Star Wars used to be.

When the game came out in 2008, it got a lot of attention. It was praised for its deep stories, world-building, voice acting, and people with a lot going on. The Sith Empire gave players some of the most famous and interesting bad guys in the game. The game had both power-hungry and power-mad bad guys that the player could defeat or join forces with. This focus on colorful bad guys was one of its most defining features.

Skavak Is A Scheming Nuisance For Players To Tangle With

If there’s one thing that will make a player very angry, it’s stealing their ship. Even though he’s not the most powerful enemy, his sneakiness, bad plans, and uncertain behavior make him one of The Old Republic’s most annoying bad guys.

This fan of face tattoos works as a gun runner and thief. He is also a member of the Separatist movement in Ord Mantell. The Separatist side of the Ord Mantell situation gives an unexpectedly dark, real-world look at the story of corruption and political scheming. In Skavak, players face a key person in the troubled planet’s situation who is especially evil and seems to enjoy playing dirty.

Darth Thanaton Is A Slippery, Often Infuriating Figure

The story of how Darth Thanaton got where he is is a dark, twisted version of the usually happy “from rags to riches” plot. Thanaton was born a slave, but at a young age, his potential in the Force was seen, and he was taken in to learn in the dark side.

Thanaton is one of the most annoying bad guys that Penalty Kick Online game has to offer. By the time the player meets the cautious Sith Lord, he is already a high-ranking figure and will go out of his way to avoid fighting the player. Worse still, he tends to hide behind the Dark Council when he is in trouble. Thanaton’s surprising humble roots and the fact that his Sith mentor betrayed him when he was young make him a complicated and unlikable character that players will find hard to beat.

Darth Jadus Is A Cruel And Hateful Figure Out To Conquer The Galaxy

The main bad guy in the Imperial Agent arc is a truly evil person who wants to make the world a terrible mess. From there, the mysterious bad guy plans to take advantage of the chaos to rise to power and rule with an iron hand.

Jadus can be a dark guide or, more often, a dangerous enemy, depending on how the player handles things. Darth Zhorrid, Jadus’s daughter, is one of the most evil things about him. After making his child his new student at first, Jadus loses faith in her and becomes more interested in just bothering her. At one point, he even plans to have her killed. Because of how cruel and sadistic he is, how far out of control his power plans are, and how mysterious his past is, Jadus is a bad guy that players want to fight.

Arcann Makes For A Tragic Villain

Arcann’s obsession with getting the throne and his sad family problems make him one of the saddest and most troubling characters in The Old Republic.

Arcann, who is the son of The Eternal Emperor of Zakuul, is a cruel and dangerous threat to many. He leads a lot of brutal raids on other worlds. The morally complicated nature of Arcann and the choices the player must make when dealing with him break down many parts of the popular Star Wars trope of the evil empire. Arcann’s strange but interesting trip to join the Alliance later is even better. Arcann is one of the most unusual bad guys in The Old Republic, and his story is also one of the most interesting things about him.

Darth Malgus Is One Of The Sith Empire’s Most Impressive Military Commanders

The False Emperor is very good at what he does, and he might be one of the calmest and most reasonable Sith Lords ever seen. Behind the famous respirator is a military leader who is smart and careful.

Malgus’s past as a brave Veradun knight is where the mystery around him begins. Malgus is able to learn the languages and customs of a number of dangerous alien species by being diplomatic and holding back. He gains their trust and even leads them in fights. As a Sith, the master-strategy and command skills are still there, but they are now paired with a creepy look and style. Malgus is one of the most unique and interesting Sith Lords who have appeared in The Old Republic.

Darth Baras Provides A Witty, Colorful Antagonist

This charismatic Sith lord impressed players with his sharp dialogue and a major plot line that was surprisingly complex and politically driven. Baras’ time on Aldeeran is one of the more complex stories in The Old Republic. He is a shady spymaster and a questionable guide.

Even though his Body Type 4 design has been made fun of in many memes, Baras is probably the best villain in the Old Republic because of his strange writing and voice actor Jim McCane’s stellar performance. Even though many other bad guys were more powerful with the Force and had better lightsaber skills, Baras jumps out because of how smart and manipulative he was.Like so many other Sith Lords before him, Baras’s job as a teacher ends up being his downfall, which is kind of a shame because he was fun to watch.

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