5 Epic Wubboxes In My Singing Monster, Ranked

We rank all the Wubboxes in My Singing Monster based on how they look and how they sound.

My Singing Monsters has been around for a long time and has grown to include spinoffs, prequels, and platform games. The first My Singing Monsters game came out in 2012, and its unique way of making songs made it stand out. When it comes to design, the monsters and Wubboxes can be anywhere from cute to creepy. Your favorite will depend on what you like best.

Epic Wubbox is a new game that goes with My Singing Monsters. It adds a bit of new story. They aren’t like the other monsters in the game because they came from another world. We don’t know much about where they came from or what they want, but they are here and making a lot of noise. Let’s find out where they stand.


When it comes to harmony, neither the other Wubbox nor the other monster’s music goes well with Air. His design fits his air theme pretty well, since he has big insect-like wings hanging from his face. If you were to judge him by his sound, his music isn’t bad, at least until he opens his mouth and starts screaming in your face like a jump scare. It shows no care for the song or your ears. But that’s not the worst part by itself.

You can put your Epic Wubbox on different islands, and depending on the theme of the island, it will play different songs. But when the crew comes to Air Wubbox’s island, they totally overshadow what he does there. How could that even be? It’s where you live.


The liquid Wubbox is a cool person. His stomach looks like an old-fashioned diving helmet, and his arms look like hydraulic pumps. Water doesn’t yell at you to get your attention, and he doesn’t stand out much when he’s around other monsters and Wubboxes. He does have a tune, but it doesn’t come from his mouth. Instead, it comes out of his elbows in the form of tiny bubbles.

All of that doesn’t make a bit of difference to Water Wubbox. His positive attitude is contagious, and most monster fans agree that he’s just here for the vibes and would be just as happy chilling out anywhere else. A fact that everyone in the group can agree on.


Yes, his music is kind of… chill. He also knows how to drop a good beat. Still, the fact that the icicles are trying to cover up the fact that he doesn’t have a head makes him look a little scary. When you add that to the way he starts to get into your soul when he dances, you have a Wubbox. But that’s just how it looks. If you look at how much they’ve taken from dubstep, his song comes out the most, but that’s not a bad thing. It helps with the bitter cold.

He doesn’t seem as happy as our friend Water, but his patented beats can blend in with the music just as well as Water’s softer bubbles can. If you want to be heard over the wildly loud Air Wubbox, you’ll have to bring your Basket Random game. Ice Wubbox doesn’t have a tune that makes him stand out when he plays with the other Wubboxes in the band. He sounds better when it’s just him or when he plays with monsters who aren’t Wubboxes.


It’s hard to explain, but you can almost feel the dirt and rocks inside the Earth Wubbox when you hear its beat. It’s tough and everyone seems to like it a lot. Except for one, the percussion hits in a different way than the rest, and you would miss it if you took him out of the group.

His visuals are just as amazing, and the way he builds things ties everything together. His song has a faster beat than the others, which gives him a slight edge over the others and makes him seem like the head of the band, urging them to keep up with his guttural bass sounds. Some of them do better than others, but as long as they stay together as a band, they will make a sound that is nice and smooth.


If the Earth is the bass that holds the song together, then the Plant Wubbox is the rhythm that makes the song more interesting. They make a sound like maracas with their creepy-looking ribs, which makes them different from the other Wubboxes. It turns out that the plant and water have a lot in common because they both have sounds that aren’t based in bass.

Where Water’s bubbles get lost in the group as a whole on Composer Island, Plant’s ribs can stand up to the overwhelming boom of stomps, claps, and yells (looking at you, Air). His music sounds a bit like a xylophone, but it only has one note. It’s a good note, but there’s only one.

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