12 Coral Island Partners For Each Zodiac Sign

Choosing a partner for life is a big deal, so why not let the stars decide?

It wouldn’t be a farm simulation game if you didn’t end up with a townie strolling along the gravel roads that are covered in leaves. Romance has always been a part of farm-sim games, because what’s better than watering crops and caring for animals than doing all this dirty work with someone?

On Coral Island, where there are more than twenty single men and women, it can be hard to find a partner because each one has their own special qualities. You can try your luck with each of them, but sometimes it’s better to let fate and the stars, which tell your future, decide if you’ll be happy with someone.

Aries: Scott And Macy

Scott’s sense of excitement would be a great match for an Aries who often takes the lead. As an explorer, he is always looking for new things to put in a museum. He is definitely a spark for new achievements.

Even though Macy worked in a boring job, she never stopped being herself. She gave up her boring life to become a photographer and spend more time in the great outdoors. This need for freedom is a good thing for an Aries.

Taurus: Noah And Millie

Noah’s charm comes from how much he cares for his family and how reliable he is. He is a man who never avoids his responsibilities. He is reliable and consistent, which is music to the ears of a Taurus.

Millie is a very loyal person. She works as a librarian, takes care of the museum, and helps the mayor. Millie is as dedicated to her work as she is to her relationship, just like a Taurus who is the rock of the relationship.

Gemini: Alice And Wakuu

“Pizza is overrated” is a point that a Gemini, who is always up for some critical thinking, finds interesting. Alice is the owner and co-manager of the Coral Inn. She is ready to talk about anything, whether it’s food or strange things.

An astronomer is a good choice for a star sign that goes well with people who like to think for themselves. Even though the cosmos is Wakuu’s favorite place to think, he never hesitates to question standard ideas of what a family is. His sharp and cold eyes are a clear plus.

Cancer: Chaem And Pablo

If a Cancer wants a partner who cares about them and others, the best choice is someone who takes care of them. Chaem, who is the lifeguard on the island, fits this better than anyone else. Don’t be scared off by how haughty she seems. Once she gets to know you, she’ll send you gifts and helpful recipes.

The next one is a charmer, which is another way of saying that he is a lover. When you date Pablo, it feels like he’s chasing you, not the other way around, which is a change from the norm. He flirts a lot and doesn’t hide how he feels. But he’s not all flowers and sweets. He’s always ready to help the town and his fellow islanders.

Leo: Yuri And Surya

Hot take: A tattooed, pastel-haired doctor who decided to work in remote areas for little or no pay has to be one of the coolest characters in Tunnel Rush game who can be dated. Yuri knows how to get a Leo to like her because she is a partner in crime who never gives up.

Surya just got his PhD and went to the island to work at the island lab as part of a fellowship program. He’s most interested in what’s under the water and how beautiful and mysterious it is. He is realistic but still has a lot of energy. He would rather test the water than sit on a nice boat.

Virgo: Luke And Suki

A Virgo can be hard to figure out, but Luke might be the one to do it. Luke is the best example of a Virgo who works hard to reach their goals. Even though his folks have a lot of money, he owns and runs his own business at the electronics store. He wants to get by on his own with the help of his dog, Taco.

Suki has a strong style that shows how confident she is. She also seems like she works hard, which is a great match for a Virgo. She takes care of her daughter Valentina and runs the inn at the same time. She is a proud mother who isn’t afraid to show her fight scars and still has a good relationship with her ex-husband as they raise their children together.

Libra: Leah And Raj

Raj, who works as a barista in Starlet Town, is here to make things fair. Raj is a very handsome man. You might run into him in a field where he is lying down among the wildflowers. Once you know them well, they will send you gifts from his café, but they will still tell you that they are running a business. They are both sensible and useful, but they are also complex.

This might be a stretch, but maybe a yoga teacher is the key to balance, no? The locals call Leah the princess of “The Mansion.” A lady with good taste, but behind all the glitz and glam, she wants peace in her family, which is in chaos.

Scorpio: Zarah And Rafael

The best way to figure out Scorpio’s secret is to figure out Zarah’s. You might see her looking for treasure in the bush or fishing near her boat for the rarest sea treasures. She can be really strange at times. To dig deep with her would be a quest.

A Scorpio would quickly choose someone with heart over brains, and Rafael, who is kind and big, might be the right one. He’s a shy guy who likes to be alone, but he’s actually a nice guy who hides behind a tough exterior. When he’s not busy burning ores, a good date with him is to sit quietly and talk.

Sagittarius: Ben And Aaliyah

Ben is the best person for a Sagittarius to go on adventures with. His energy is rare, just like the things he sells in his shop. This is probably because he takes crystals with him when he goes to other parts of the island. A Sagittarius might be the one to make him stop being a traveler for a while.

A Sagittarius might be able to keep up with someone who is busy. Aaliyah has the strength to deal with a Sagittarius’ vibe because she used to be in the air force. You might be the one to finally get her to go to space, or you might go with her to look at the stars.

Capricorn: Lily And Charles

Capricorns are motivated by success, and they get along better with people who feel the same way. Lily is a laid-back person, but many people don’t know that a cyber security business pays her a lot of money for her IT work. She wants nothing less than a perfect result, which is music to a Capricorn’s ears.

Charles’s story is not a perfect one. His parents rejected him, and his fiancée cheated on him. He had to crawl his way through school, but he did it and is now a full-fledged doctor. After all he’s been through, it’s so cute to see him fold over pollen.

Aquarius: Mark And Nina

What could be the story behind the scar on the face of a former shooter that turned him into an animal caretaker? Aquarians are drawn to people who want to help others. Mark’s dream of setting all animals free is not as stupid as he thinks, and an Aquarius might be able to tell him why.

If kindness isn’t enough, maybe smarts will do the trick. Nina is a smart woman, and you can tell by how tall she is. Her one-time and sometimes-occasional disappearance is a mystery to the people on the island, but an Aquarius is interested in a riddle.

Pisces: Eva And Theo

The last sign was intellectual, but this one is artistic, and they get along well with people who have the same ideas. As Starlet Town’s best cook, Eva can make delicious treats. She also makes her own clothes by knitting and sewing. So it makes sense that her winter drip is so great.

Some islands don’t like this fisherman’s voice, but even fewer have heard what he calls his soul when he sings. Theo wants to find a way to connect with the vague, not to show off. He likes living a simple life. While he waits for a fish to bite, he writes song lines in his head.

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