The 10 Best Tavern Management Games

Build a hub for drunkards and travelers alike.

Not everyone likes action-adventure games, and sometimes you might want to relax instead of fighting hordes of baddies. This is where simulation games come in, which let you play as innkeepers, who were the unsung stars of both the Middle Ages and fantasy worlds.

If you want to play a fantasy game, having a bar or being an innkeeper might not be the first thing that comes to mind. As computer games became more popular, that has changed over time. It may not look like the most exciting job, but it could be one of the most gratifying. Not only did these games make it fun to run a bar or inn, but they also looked great and were fun to play.

Tavern Tycoon – Dragon’s Hangover


Tavern Tycoon is a good game if you want to run a bar. You used to think that NPCs were the only ones who could run a bar, but this tycoon game changed that.

bar Tycoon takes a lot of ideas from Two Point Hospital and lets you change how your bar is set up and decorated. You decide not only how your tavern looks, but also how your staff works and how your tavern gets better. This mixes the fun of running a bar with a simulation of how to run a building.

Oi, Innkeep!

Oi, Innkeep still doesn’t have a release date, but the details and videos that have been revealed make this a game to watch. This could be the game that makes you want to run your own pub.

In Oi, Innkeep, you run your uncle’s old, run-down bar. You can grow crops, clean the bar, make the furniture look how you want, and change the food on the menu. Oi, Innkeep is a game to keep an eye out for because you can get to know customers, deal with drunk guests, and even clean up puke.

The Guild 2: Renaissance

In the series The Guild, there are a few games, but The Guild 2: Renaissance is by far the best. This game not only brought back the love people had for the first Guild game, but it also added new jobs, such as Pubkeeper.

This life simulator game takes place in the 14th century and lets you choose from different groups, such as a Patron. If your character chooses this job, he or she will be able to own a farm, bakery, or tavern. This class is the easiest in the game, but it lets you try it out for yourself. It’s a good start, and if you don’t want something with a lot of fighting, this is a good pick.


Running a bar or inn doesn’t always mean having a quiet place to stay. If a bad wizard owner wants to steal your family’s inn, you might have to get your hands dirty. This is the main idea behind Innchanted.

Innchanted takes the fun of games like Overcooked and PlateUp and puts them in a fantasy world where you have to complete different tasks to show that you’re a better innkeeper than the evil wizard. You can play by yourself or with up to four people in a mode called “co-op.” There are different challenges, foods, and enemies, like a food critic, that you can take on.

Orcish Inn

In fantasy games, humans aren’t the only ones who want to own a bar and live a quiet life. What would happen if an orc opened its own pub?

Here, Orcish Inn shows what it would be like to run a bar as an orc. In this game, you start out as an orc in their brand-new bar. You can grow crops to make food and hops to make drinks for your bar. You can talk to different orc groups, build and decorate your tavern however you want, and even go exploring in the nearby lands.

Ravenous Devils

If you’ve ever seen Sweeney Todd and wondered what it would be like to run a bar like that, you might be in luck. Ravenous Devils takes Penny Dreadful and Tim Burton’s strange stories and turns them into a game.

In this horror cooking simulator, you play as a tailor who draws in customers, kills them, steals their clothes, and sends them to the kitchen to be made into meals. From there, you make different meals and improve your shop and pub to keep your customers happy, all while trying to manage your resources.

Crossroads Inn: Anniversary Edition

Crossroads Inn is a simulation game about running a tavern that has both a story mode and a “sandbox” mode. You can change the kingdom, go on quests, fight enemies, and reach one of twelve different endings in the game.

The real hard work of running a bar starts in the sandbox mode. You get to build your own bar and focus on the food and making sure your customers are happy. You can also hire people, grow your business, and finish challenges on their own. There is also a lot of DLC that adds new features, decorations, and crops to both game types.

Traveller’s Rest

If you want a game that is more like Stardew Valley meets a bar simulator, this could be the one for you. Traveller’s Rest is a game about running a tavern in a fictional world, and that’s all it does.

In this game, you are the owner of a bar and you love to farm, make beer, and get to know your customers. You have technology trees that help you improve your crafting and brewing skills. This lets you unlock new things. This makes it possible to get better tools, makeup, furniture, and entertainment to make the place feel more like a tavern. There are even times when royalty is coming to your tavern or when you need to change your food based on the season or what your customers want.

Graveyard Keeper (Stranger Sins DLC)

Graveyard Keeper isn’t the first game that comes to mind when you think of bar games. You might know this game for its funny take on being a “inaccurate cemetery sim,” but the Stranger Sins DLC added to that.

When this DLC came out, more story, NPCs, tasks, and, of course, the ability to own your own tavern were added. You can build a bar and sell food and drinks there. This mostly adds to the main story. You can even set up an automatic chain for making alcohol and make events for the people in the town.

Tavern Master

Tavern Master hits the mark when it comes to being a game that is all about running a bar. This game doesn’t have any of the extra fights or plots, so you can focus on opening your own tavern and making it a successful business.

The whole point of 8 Ball Pool game is to open a small bar and get people to come in so you can make more money. The more money you make from your bar, the more you can spend on new furniture, guest rooms, a kitchen, and staff. When you start to grow your tavern, it will be easier if you have a good plan. Other things, like putting on special events and having artists play for your customers, can also help your tavern do well.

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