8 Games To Play After Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition

If you’ve played Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition and want to play more games like it, you don’t need to look any further.

Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition is a fun indie game that hits all the right notes. The game is fun and interesting. It has great pixel art with a futuristic feel, an epic soundtrack, and difficult platforming gameplay. Plus, the story of a girl trying to find her sister in a world after the end of the world is interesting and easy to understand.

If you love Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition and are looking for the right game to play after you finish it, you’re in luck. There are a few games with similar features, whether you want another indie action game led by a woman or another platformer where you fight robots.



Celeste is an indie action game with a female lead, just like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, but it takes place in the present day instead of the robot apocalypse. Celeste also has hard platforming gameplay, which gives it a look and feel similar to Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition.

Celeste has a great story that makes the game worth playing on its own. The plot follows Madeline’s journey to better mental health as she climbs a mountain and fights her own demon. It also has wonderful pixel art and beautiful music.


Eastward is another great indie game with a female main character and beautiful pixel art, just like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition. The game isn’t a shooter, but it does take place in a world on the verge of the end of the world. In Eastward’s world, the end is coming because of a disease, not because robots are coming to take over.

As an action role-playing game, Eastward has a lot of fights and a big world to explore. The story is interesting, and the non-player characters are funny. Eastward is the game to play if you want another story-driven game with a bleak feel.

Live A Live

Even though Live A Live is a turn-based JRPG and not a shooter like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, there are some similarities between the two games. The remake of Live A Live has beautiful pixel art that makes it a visual gem, just like the art style of Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition.

Live A Live also has characters and stories from different times in history. It also has chapters set in the Near Future and the Far Future, which are more like the setting of Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition. In those parts, both the good guys and the bad guys are robots. The mission in Live A Live is also much longer than the one in Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, so it’s a great choice if you want to play a longer game.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

The Mega Man series is a great choice if you want to play another robot-based game set in the future. In particular, you might want to check out the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which has some of the original games in the series redone in an 8-bit style.

Mega Man games are platformers like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, and the bosses are made of machines. Mega Man games are also shooters, which gives them a different way to fight and play than Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition. From the type of game to the setting, there are a lot of similarities between the two, making it likely that people who liked one will also like the other.


Technobabylon and Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition are two very different kinds of games, but they both take place in a world where technology runs everything after the end of the world. After playing Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, if you want a game with a slower pace, Technobabylon is the game for you.

This point-and-click indie game takes you through a cyberpunk mystery. To find out the dangerous truth about the AI that runs the city, you have to answer puzzles. During the story, you play as three different characters. Like Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, it has a cool, future art style that helps you get into the game.


If you liked Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, you’ll like Stray because it takes place in the same kind of post-apocalyptic world. Stray goes at a slower pace than Technobabylon and has an interesting mystery. It’s another good choice if you want a less action-packed game set in the far future.

In Stray’s world, there are robots, just like in Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, but the main robot in this game is nice. Stray is also different because you play as a real cat that is lost in a lonely city. If you like future fiction, this is another indie game you should check out.

Hollow Knight

The main thing that Shieldmaid: Remix Edition and Hollow Knight have in common is the type of game they are. Both games are platformers, but Hollow Knight is known for its difficult Metroidvania style. Hollow Knight will keep you busy for a long time if you want to learn how to play another platform game.

Hollow Knight has a setting that is different from Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition’s dystopian world, but is still similar. It is a land that is full of ruin and disaster. The art and music in Hollow Knight are also great, which makes Drive Mad game even more immersive.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Even though Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is neither an indie game nor a platformer, it has some features in common with Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition that make it a great choice for your next game. In the first Xenoblade Chronicles game, the Mechon, robot enemies who want to kill you, are at the center of the fight.

The way the characters interact with each other is great. In particular, the family relationships in the story give it weight, just like in Shieldmaiden: Remix Edition, which is about Asta looking for her sister.

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