How to Remove  Vivint Doorbell Camera from a Wall: A Comprehensive Guide

The Vivint doorbell camera improves security and convenience for homes. However, there may be times when you need to remove the camera for maintenance, relocation, or to upgrade to a new device. This post will walk you through the process of removing a Vivint doorbell camera from the wall, assuring a smooth and effective removal.


Because of its sophisticated features, such as high-definition video recording, motion detection, two-way audio, and connection with smart home devices, Vivint doorbell cameras have grown in popularity. While the installation is straightforward, the removal takes cautious attention to avoid damaging the camera or the wall.

Recognising the Vivint Doorbell Camera

Before you begin the removal procedure, you need become acquainted with the Vivint doorbell camera. These cameras are often set on an outside wall at the front entrance, allowing you to remotely monitor and engage with guests. They are powered by a low-voltage wire system and frequently require a separate chime or hub to perform properly.

Reasons to Uninstall a Vivint Doorbell Camera

You may need to uninstall your Vivint doorbell camera for a variety of reasons. Typical scenarios include:

Upgrading to a newer model: As technology evolves, you may want to upgrade your existing Vivint doorbell camera with a more modern one to take advantage of new capabilities.

Relocation: If you’re relocating to a new home, you should carry your Vivint doorbell camera with you and reinstall it.

Maintenance and repairs: The camera may require maintenance or repairs in some situations, necessitating its temporary removal.

Discontinuing service: If you no longer want to use Vivint’s services, you must remove the doorbell camera.

Getting Ready for Camera Removal

There are a few crucial procedures you should follow before beginning the removal process to guarantee a safe and efficient removal:

unplug the Camera from the Power Source: To avoid any electrical catastrophes, it’s critical to unplug the camera from its power source. Locate and turn off the breaker that controls the electricity to the doorbell camera.

Gather Required Tools: Gather the tools you’ll need for the removal process. A screwdriver (usually Phillips or flathead), wire cutters, electrical tape, and a putty knife may be included.

Read the Instruction handbook: If one is available, consult the Vivint instruction handbook for precise instructions on uninstalling their doorbell camera model.

You may now remove the Vivint doorbell camera after making the appropriate preparations.

Step 1: Turn off the camera.

When working with electrical instruments, safety should always come first. To prevent the risk of electric shock, turn off the power supply to the doorbell camera. Locate and turn off the circuit breaker that controls the camera’s power.

Step 2. Remove the Camera Cover 

Remove the camera cover gently after verifying that the power is turned off. The camera and cables are hidden under a detachable faceplate or cover on most Vivint doorbell cameras. Detach the lid gently using a screwdriver, following the instructions supplied by Vivint.

Step 3: Unplug the Wires

Once the camera cover is removed, the electrical connections may be found beneath it. Identify the cables attached to the camera and detach them with wire cutters or other necessary equipment. To avoid unintentional short circuits, wrap each wire termination with electrical tape.

Step 4: Disconnect the Mounting Bracket

The Vivint doorbell camera is often linked to a wall-mounted bracket. Loosen the screws or bolts holding the camera in place and carefully remove the mounting bracket. If you intend to replace the camera or reuse the mount, keep the screws or bolts in a secure location.

Step 5: Repair the Wall

You may detect screw or bolt holes and probable wire access locations on the wall after removing the camera and mounting bracket. Patch these holes with an appropriate wall patching compound or putty to retain the beauty of your house and ensure a clean finish. Smooth the surface with a putty knife and let it dry as directed by the manufacturer.

Cleaning and Restoring the Environment

Take some time to clean the camera and the surrounding area before proceeding with the removal operation. Wipe away any dust, debris, or fingerprints on the camera using a soft cloth or a mild cleaning solution. Clean the wall surface surrounding the prior camera placement as well to eliminate any leftover markings or debris.

Tips for a Painless Removal

Consider the following methods to make the removal procedure go even more smoothly:

snap photos: Before beginning the removal procedure, it’s a good idea to snap photos of the camera and its connections. These images might be used as a reference while reinstalling the camera or debugging any problems.

Label the wires: Before disconnecting, label the wires to facilitate easy reinstallation or identification. This easy step might save you time and headaches during the reinstallation process.
Seek expert help if necessary: Consider contacting a professional expert with experience uninstalling doorbell cameras if you are unclear about any step of the removal procedure or feel uncomfortable completing it yourself.


Removing a Vivint doorbell camera from the wall may appear difficult, but with the correct knowledge and equipment, it can be a simple task. You may securely disconnect the camera from the wall by following the step-by-step directions in this article, allowing for relocation, upgrades, maintenance, or service discontinuance. Remember to use caution, identify wires, and seek expert help if necessary. With sufficient care, you can remove the Vivint doorbell camera without difficulty.

Q1. How can I find out whether my doorbell camera is Vivint-compatible?

A. Refer to Vivint’s product specs or contact their customer care to see whether your doorbell camera is compatible with their system.

Q2. Can I reinstall the Vivint doorbell camera once it has been removed?

If you desire to utilise the Vivint doorbell camera again, you can reinstall it. Make sure to follow Vivint’s installation instructions or seek expert assistance.

Q3. If I wish to replace the camera, can I reuse the mounting bracket?

In most circumstances, if the mounting bracket is in excellent shape, it may be reused. However, to guarantee a safe installation, inspect it for any damage or wear and replace it if required.

Q4.Is it essential to engage an expert to remove the camera?

While it is feasible to remove the Vivint doorbell camera yourself, it is suggested that you engage a professional expert if you are hesitant or uncomfortable with the process.

Q5. What tools will I need to get rid of the Vivint doorbell camera?

A screwdriver (Phillips or flathead), wire cutters, electrical tape, and a putty knife are normally needed to remove a Vivint doorbell camera.

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