10 Main BOTW Characters Coming Back To Tears Of The Kingdom

Several characters from Breath of the Wild will be in the exciting follow-up game Tears of the Kingdom.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom is follow-up to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild in every way. It has the same map and brings back some of Characters from the first game. But it wouldn’t be much of a Continuation if there weren’t some big changes between the two games, and there are enough to tell them apart.

Hyrule has changed a lot since the Zonai came back from sky, and Ganondorf is back in major Zelda game for first time in a long time. Even the characters who came back from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild have changed a lot, either because they have grown up or because the world of Hyrule is always changing.

Princess Zelda


The Legend of Zelda wouldn’t be The Legend of Zelda without the girl with the same name. Zelda has a shorter haircut and a different style at the start of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so she looks a little different. But she soon goes through an even bigger change. She seems to have fallen into a void and gone back in time, joining the Zonai in the early days of Hyrule’s birth.

It’s not clear why Zelda is stuck in a different time, but she soon figures out that she’s the Sage of Time with the power of Light. Link finds this out in a memory connected to one of the many geoglyphs that can be found all over Hyrule.

Link is also back. The spirit of Rararu, the first King of Hyrule, gave Link a new arm and a messier haircut. Link and Zelda first see this arm deep in Hyrule’s Castle, where a magical flying arm is holding a mummified Ganondorf. Link finds out during his search for Zelda that Rararu gives his life to save Hyrule during the Imprisoning War by closing the darkness as the Sage of Light.

Link gets a lot of Zonai abilities from Rararu’s arm, which all help him on his quest as he searches Hyrule for hints about where Zelda is.


In Tears of the Kingdom, Gerudo leader Riju was one of Link’s allies. He helped Hyrule’s Hero get to the Divine Beast Vah Naboris. But as if that threat wasn’t enough, she and her people are now facing a sand cloud that has destroyed Gerudo Town, which is another threat.

As Riju tries to figure out how to deal with the latest disaster, she soon finds out that she is the Sage of Lightning and must use her power to stop whatever is making the Gerudo Desert a dangerous place to live. Buliara, her special bodyguard, is always by her side and helps Gerudo’s warriors fight off the many threats to the town.


The young Rito fighter Tulin, who is the son of Teba, wants to show his father and the rest of the Rito how good he is. Soon, he gets the chance to do so when Link comes to help the town in the middle of a fierce blizzard. Since the town has become inaccessible, the Rito are having trouble keeping a steady flow of goods, so it’s up to Link and Tulin to figure out what’s causing the sudden drop in temperature.

The two soon find the answer in the sky above the Hebra Mountains, where Tulin also learns that he is the Sage of Wind. The young Rito’s ancestor gives him a holy stone that makes it easier for him to make strong gusts of wind whenever he wants.


In Breath of the Wild, Prince Sidon quickly became a fan favorite. He is the younger brother of the Zora Champion Mipha. In Tears of the Kingdom, he’s back for a second time, and the soon-to-be-married royal prince has to deal with mud falling from the Sky Islands above Zora’s Domain. King Dorephan, Sidon’s father, was badly hurt by a monster made of this sludge from the sky, so it’s up to Sidon and Link to find out what’s going on.

Sidon finds out that he is the Sage of Water, which is a job that is even more important than he thought. Sidon has the ability to control water, just like his sister. Mipha could use it to heal, but Sidon can make a shield around Link, which lets him use the water as a powerful natural force at a long range.


Goron Yunobo was strangely missing from the ads for Tears of the Kingdom, mostly because his character had changed a lot. When Link sees Yunobo again, the multicolored rock that has been plaguing the rest of the town has taken over him. That is, only the adults. Children and older people, like Yunobo’s old boss Bludo, are saved because they can’t quite crunch down on the very hard rock.

After a short fight with Link, Yunobo comes to his senses and goes out with Link to find the source of this disease. Yunobo becomes the Sage of Fire, just like Link’s other friends, and helps Link by breaking even the hardest rocks.


Teba helped Link on his quest in Breath of the Wild to free the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Teba has taken over Kaneli’s role as Rito Elder, but he is a little worried about his son Tulin and how stubborn he is. But after Tulin stops the storm that was hurting Rito Village, Teba and Saki couldn’t be prouder of their son.

Teba is so proud of Tulin that he gives the young Rito fighter his most precious bow, which players will recognize from Breath of the Wild.


The 100-year-old Impa helped her people in Kakariko Village during the events of Breath of the Wild. In Tears of the Kingdom, she is on the move because she is interested in the geoglyphs that have been appearing all over Hyrule. With the help of her assistant Cado, who works for the Sheikah who loves his Cuccos, Impa gives the town to her granddaughter Paya, who is very good at running it.

Paya was put in charge of her town all of a sudden, but she has grown into the job with no trouble. She also has a helper. His name is Tauro, and he is the leader of the Zonai Survey Team.


Purah has worked for the royal family of Hyrule since Zelda was a child, just like her younger sister Impa. Since then, she hasn’t stopped helping Zelda, and she’s been helping her learn about the Zonai people. Purah left Hateno Village and moved to Lookout Landing, which is south of Hyrule Castle.

Fans will remember how, in Breath of the Wild, random experiments with de-aging made Purah look like a kid. In Tears of the Kingdom, Purah is back to being herself, which means she is no longer a kid. She looks like she did in Drift Boss game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which was set 100 years before the Great Calamity.


Link met Robbie for the first time in Breath of the Wild at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, where he did his research with his wife Jerrin, son Granté, and the Ancient Oven Cherry. Robbie has moved to Lookout Landing, just like Purah. He also helped her make the Purah Pad for Zelda’s study.

Robbie is a well-liked member of the Sheikah study team, and his work is a big part of how Zelda learns about the Zonai tribe. Even though he did a lot of work on the Purah Pad, he’s not too happy that it’s not called after him.

The Nintendo Switch is the only way to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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